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Public Safety Academy (PSA): The time for action is now!

(Cincinnati, Ohio) - Congratulations to the winners of the Cincinnati Public School (CPS) Board Elections (Eve Bolton, Carolyn Jones, Ben Lindy, and Pamela Bowers). They unanimously stated a commitment to support CAFA’s PSA agenda. We fully expect them to honor their commitment to establishing the PSA.The creation of the PSA is vital to the development of future career opportunities for CPS students, and the diversity of the city’s police and fire departments. The next step is to re-establish the 2018 working group, which may include other stakeholders. We look forward to working together to bring the promise of the PSA to life.

William E. West III

CAFA President

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Let’s train the next generation of firefighters/paramedics and police officers

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This is not an endorsement of any candidate therefore any candidate that states he/she was endorsed by CAFA is not being factual. We are not telling citizens who to vote for, but giving them one more tool to make an informed decision.

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