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Please answer yes or no and provide comments to the following question:

Do you support designating one or more of Cincinnati Public Schools’ high schools to offer as part of the school(s) curriculum a Public Safety Academy?


As a graduate of Western Hills High School, I believe the creation of a Public Safety Academy at my alma mater would be a great thing for the school, as well as the district. Since law and public safety career pathways are already established at West High, it seems logical to focus developing this program here where a strong foundation to build it out already exists.

              I also believe that representation matters. Given the demographics of Cincinnati Public Schools, the City of Cincinnati, and local police, fire, and EMS, an intentional effort to recruit our black and brown students into these career fields would help increase diversity, but also help keep homegrown talent at home.

Would you vote for funding to establish and maintain the Public Safety Academy in Cincinnati Public Schools? 


Not knowing what CPS’ potential costs might be, I added an asterisk to my answer. If the money is available in our budget, I would have no qualms about working with district administration and Treasurer’s Department to see that funds are allocated to establish and maintain a Public Safety Academy program.

Will you agree to permit at least one CAFA and at least one Sentinels representative to be enduring advisers of the Public Safety Academy? 


I agree, and I would insist upon it. Going back to my belief that representation matters, it wouldn’t make sense to take on an endeavor like this and not have people who are representative of the students we want to attract at the decision-making table. Representatives from CAFA and the Sentinels will be necessary voices to ensure the PSA is established in good faith.

Do you support the reconvening of the 2018 Work group for the creation of the Public Safety Academy?  Will you personally attend the essential information session that will be given by ODE and ODPS that will provide the details for the creation of the Public Safety Academy?


I’ve personally witnessed how the process of establishing the PSA went stagnant at meetings of the Cincinnati Public School Board. I understand that things move slowly in a democracy, but from where I sit, there doesn’t appear to be any movement at all from the District. Because I know there’s more information I should have to get up to speed, it is absolutely necessary for me to get all essential information from ODE and ODPS. To that end, I can guarantee that I will attend what sessions my schedule permits, and I know that I will have a wealth of knowledge to draw from locally, including CAFA and the Sentinels, to fill any information gaps

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