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Carolyn Jones-4.00 score

Please answer yes or no and provide comments to the following question:

Do you support designating one or more of Cincinnati Public Schools’ high schools to offer as part of the school(s) curriculum a Public Safety Academy?


The addition of a Public Safety Academy as an expansion of career choice for students in the district would add depth to existing programming.  I would support feasible and practical implementation of an academy.

Would you vote for funding to establish and maintain the Public Safety Academy in Cincinnati Public Schools? 


I would vote for a Public Safety Academy that meets state standards and is appropriately funded.

Will you agree to permit at least one CAFA and at least one Sentinels representative to be enduring advisers of the Public Safety Academy? 


As I understand that there have been previous discussions between CAFA, City of Cincinnati, and the District.  In order to appropriately represent the interest of the District, I, first, want the CPS Board and District Leadership to update status of the existing curriculum and current planning activity to be fully informed.  Board Members do not have the authority individually to represent the interests of the full board prior to such discussion or any decision to act on behalf of the board. I must admit to not being current on the program’s status.

Do you support the reconvening of the 2018 Work group for the creation of the Public Safety Academy?  Will you personally attend the essential information session that will be given by ODE and ODPS that will provide the details for the creation of the Public Safety Academy?


I would attend an information session given by ODE and ODPS to provide more information and greater details for the creation of the Public Safety Academy.

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Main Page Background Questions+Answers