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Please answer yes or no and provide comments to the following question:

Do you support designating one or more of Cincinnati Public Schools’ high schools to offer as part of the school(s) curriculum a Public Safety Academy?


I support implementing Issue 15 and it is actually listed as a goal on my door to door literature. As only 45% of CPS graduates go to college upon graduation, I believe we need to expand vocational and technical education to all of the neighborhood high schools, not just at Woodward where the majority of vocational and technical education is currently focused. We must empower youth who are not college bound to learn a vocation or trade to be able to rise out of poverty and into the middle class upon graduation. 

Would you vote for funding to establish and maintain the Public Safety Academy in Cincinnati Public Schools? 


Yes. I do believe this must be a partnership between CPS, the City, and possibly a public-private partnership to spread out the cost for creation. Alternatively, I support passage of the Cupp-Patterson education funding plan in Columbus wherein CPS

Will you agree to permit at least one CAFA and at least one Sentinels representative to be enduring advisers of the Public Safety Academy? 


Yes, I believe their viewpoints are important and necessary, especially since CAFA were ardent supporters of Issue 15’s placement on the ballot and passage

Do you support the reconvening of the 2018 Work group for the creation of the Public Safety Academy?  Will you personally attend the essential information session that will be given by ODE and ODPS that will provide the details for the creation of the Public Safety Academy?


When elected, I would welcome the opportunity to represent CPS on the working group to establish the public safety academy. I would be a strong advocate with Governor DeWine and federal leaders to find funding sources through to advance the project to creation

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Main Page Background Questions+Answers