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The path to success for the establishment of the PSA

Currently the establishment of the PSA appears to be stagnant.  We understand there are funding and curriculum concerns; CPS wants to be assured that the City will support the PSA financially, and the City wants to be assured that CPS will develop a curriculum that will meet the needs of its Fire and Police departments.  We believe that the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) has provided a solution to both concerns, which ultimately will lead to the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding between the City and the CPS. ODE and ODPS has agreed to come to Cincinnati to provide the details for the creation of the Public Safety Academy.  CAFA and the CFD will coordinate the scheduling of the information session. We request that all participants of the February 2018 work group, as well as members of the school board, commit attend this essential information session that ODE and ODPS has agreed to present. 

How candidates were scored (note to candidates).

 Dear Candidate, attached is the questionnaire that we have published and will share with the public.  How you were scored was based on the answers that you provided.  The maximum you could receive is 5 points.  If you answered yes to all four questions you received 3 points.  The additional 2 points were based on your explanation of the remaining two questions.  If you did not provide any comments, then you were not given any points for the explanation portion.  Thank you for your participation.

Please answer yes or no and provide comments to the following question:

  1. Do you support designating one or more of Cincinnati Public Schools’ high schools to offer as part of the school(s) curriculum a Public Safety Academy?

  2. Would you vote for funding to establish and maintain the Public Safety Academy in Cincinnati Public Schools?

  1. Will you agree to permit at least one CAFA and at least one Sentinels representative to be enduring advisers of the Public Safety Academy? 

  2. Do you support the reconvening of the 2018 Work group for the creation of the Public Safety Academy?  Will you personally attend the essential information session that will be given by ODE and ODPS that will provide the details for the creation of the Public Safety Academy? 

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Eve Bolton

Pamela Bowers

Marlena Brookfield

Heather Couch

Ozie Davis III

Gary Favors

Carolyn Jones

Ben Lindy

Steve Mergerle

Main Page Background Questions+Answers